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TVO announced the Biosecurity System to prevent African Swine Fever

21 October 2019

The Prevention and surveillance of African Swine Fever (ASF) in pigs is an important and urgent issue that company have to pay attention to. TVO announced a preventive measure called the Biosecurity System, which is considered a safety standard that affects the epidemic of the ASF disease in pigs. Although there is no outbreak of this disease in Thailand, but protection and monitor with standards of reliable production systems is considered as one of the measures to control the disease in another way.

The Biosecurity system can controls the production process, product quality and procedure of the animal feed manufacturer, starting from the selection of raw materials for every product from aseptic raw materials sources before entering the production process, transport procedures and personnel in the operating system, every car that need to enter the factory area must be sprayed with disinfectants and washing the wheels with antiseptic is supported. All the processes that TVO does to help customers ensure that our products are virtually ASF free.


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