Corporate Governance

TVO conducts business by adhering to the principles of good corporate governance and the business code of conduct in order to ensure that the operations of the Company are efficient, transparent and fair.

Corporate Governance

Thai Vegetable Oil Public Company Limited conducts business by adhering to the principles of good corporate governance and the business code of conduct in order to ensure that the operations of the Company are efficient, transparent, fair, creating confidence for all Stakeholders, supporting and promoting the competitiveness of the Company which leads to creating value for sustainable business and the business principle is inclusive of 5 categories as follows;

The Board of Directors values and respects the rights of all Shareholders equally and encourages Shareholders to fully exercise their rights especially the basic rights of Shareholders namely the right to sell, buy or transfer shares; the right to receive the profit sharing; the right to receive sufficient information; the right to propose agenda and nominate a person to be a director of the Company; the right to attend Shareholders’ meeting to vote for appointing and removing directors; the right to freely express opinions in the meeting; the right to approve the remuneration of directors; appointment of auditor and any other significant matters that would impact the Company e.g., dividend payment, amendment of the Article of Association and the Memorandum of Association, capital reduction or capital increase including approval of any transactions that would impact on the direction of the Company’s business. The Company shall not do any activities that violate or restrict shareholders’ rights. The Company sets the policy on Shareholders’ rights and disclose to the public topic in annual report under Corporate Governance sector.

The Board of Directors has a policy to ensure that all shareholders to be treated equally and protect their basic rights and benefits equitably and fairly including preventing conflicts of interest or insider trading.

The Board of Directors realizes that successfulness of business and its sustainable growth depends on all stakeholders. Hence, the Board of Directors commits to promote the cooperation among stakeholders, together with safeguard and preserve their right and benefit fairly according to their right, relevant laws and agreement. The Company will not take any action to violate stakeholder’s right and intellectual property, fair practice, including set guidelines for anti-corruption. The Company has established the stakeholder policy and guidelines in Business Code of Conduct and published to Directors, Executives and employees to adhere to the guideline for treating stakeholders to ensure that Stakeholders will be treated fairly. The Company has disclosed “Business Code of Conduct” under the “Good Corporate Governance” on the Company’s website

The Board of Directors shall disclose essential information of the Company such as financial and non-financial information and other significant information in both Thai and English accurately, adequately and transparency in ample time, and follow strictly in accordance with rules and regulations regarding disclosure of Securities and Exchange Commission and Stock Exchange of Thailand. Investors and all stakeholders, both domestically and internationally, can access information equally, which is reliable and sufficient decision making regularly through SET Portal of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Company’s website under the investor relations section.

The Board of Directors plays an important role in overseeing the setting of the Company’s objectives and main goals as well as supervising on strategies, policies, operational plans and monitoring the management’s work for the best interest of the Company and fairness to stakeholders and society as a whole with consideration to good corporate governance principles.

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Code of Conduct as of 11 Dec 2020Download
Code of Conduct as of 8 Aug 19Download
Corporate Governance Policy as of 19 Dec 19Download
Corporate Governance ReportDownload
Anti-Corruptions Manual as of 13 Nov 20Download
Supplier Code of Conduct as of 19 Dec 19Download
Letter Request Your Cooperation in Refraining from Gifts to TVO as of 23 Nov 20Download
CG Policy as of 8 Aug 19Download
Disclosure Policy as of 19 Dec 20Download
Connected Transaction Policy as of 13 Nov 20Download
Human Rights Policy as of 19 Dec 19Download
Personal Data Protection Policy as of 13 Nov 20Download
Tax Policy as of 8 Aug 19Download
Quality Safety Health and Environment Policy as of 3 Mar 20Download
Environment Policy as of 3 Mar 20Download
Energy Policy as of 3 Mar 20Download
Food & Feed safety policy as of 1 Jun 19Download
Whistleblowing Policy as of 22 Oct 19Download
Connected Transaction Policy as of 27 Feb 19Download
Articles-of-Association as of 11 May 18Download
Board of Director Charter as of 8 Aug 19Download
Corporate Governance Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter as of 13 Nov 20Download
Audit Committee Charter as of 19 Dec 19Download
Environmental, Social, Risk Management and Compliance Policy Committee Charter as of 24 Jul 19Download


The Board of Directors had provided the opportunities for employees and stakeholders, having a channel for complaints and reporting illegal acts.


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