Policy, Strategies and Goals for Sustainability

TVO delivers a quality of life to consumers, employees, communities and the environment. Start from the raw material purchasing process until delivering products to the consumers to contribute to the sustainability of the organization.

Sustainability Policy

TVO aims to conduct operation for the purpose of stable growths, deliver good quality of life to consumers, employees, communities and society; bring the highest satisfaction to all stakeholders, starting from raw material procurement process, production process to product delivery to consumers; adhere to good governance; and look after the environment, leading to the joint sustainability.

Strategy for Sustainability

TVO has conducted the business according to our philosophy, organization vision and mission for quality and sustainable growths; deliver good quality of life to stakeholders, prevent and be responsible to the impacts from operations towards communities, societies and environment, under the corporate governance operation, according to the United Nations’ SDGs. The strategy towards sustainability is as follows:

  1. Create economic values with quality products within the good governance: TVO is committed to create values to the business, which is not just the increase of profits but also the transparent, fair and accountable business operations, under the good corporate governance and risk management, along with quality product delivery, raw material selection, production process which concern to environment, safety and occupational health management with high edge innovations and technologies, for quality products with proper nutrition of the people.
  2. Quality personnel: As the employee is the heart of business propel, TVO focuses on developing human resources by providing trainings to improve skills, knowledge and potentials, in order to increase the competitive ability, catch up with the changing situations and keep to appropriate labor practice and human rights, keep up a good relationship between executives and employees to be the organization of sharing and achieving goals.
  3. Social responsibility: TVO conducts the business with morality and responsibility towards the society to participate in development of life quality by creating jobs and enhancing the community economy, education sponsorships, arts and cultures and taking care of health and safety of community members and stakeholders.
  4. Environment conservation for sustainable and harmonious living: TVO focuses on environment, natural resources, energy conservation, water management, waste treatment and climate change by integrating the resource conservation and maximization to every step of our operation with the target to keep the balance of ecology system and sustainable coexistence.

5 Year Goals for Sustainability

Economic Aspect

Disclose the Corporate Governance Quality of Listed Companies in ASEAN.

“Zero” case of complaints and whistleblowing relating to corruption.

100% of major suppliers acknowledge and accept its Supplier Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption policy.

Support domestic soybean farmers to reduce their agricultural costs.

Environmental Aspect

Extraction Plant – Decrease electricity usage for 1.2% at 31.8 units per ton of beans.

Refinery – Decrease electricity usage for 5% at 36.5 units per ton of crude oil.

Steam of Extraction Plant – Decrease for 5.5% at 294 kilograms of steam per ton of beans.

Water – Decrease water usage for 5.3%, or 0.71 cubic meters per ton of beans.

Waste from Recyclable Production Process – Decrease waste by 8%.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 1 Liter Oil PET Bottle – Decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 2%.

Social Aspect

75% of total employees have trained on skill development and working knowledge.

Achieved the safety target of no work place accidents with suspension of work for 3,000,000 consecutive working-hours.

Employees training hour average is 18 hours/person/year.

Nutrition and Health Promotion Projects

Education and Tradition Support Projects

More than 80% of employees in TVO's factory are residents of Nakhon Pathom province.

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