Financial Information

TVO aware of the importance of the adequacy, accuracy, inclusively, timely and transparency of disclosure, thus It will be useful in making investment and managing decisions for all stakeholders.

Sale Income
(Unit: Million Bath)
Net profit
(Unit: Million Bath)
Total Asset
(Unit: Million Bath)

Financial Highlights (Unit: Million Bath)

as of
Y/E' 19
Y/E '20
Financial Data
Assets 11,765.5513,908.1113,012.3414,573.3512,710.11
Liabilities 2,716.254,373.392,568.934,085.062,921.80
Equity 8,664.659,123.0710,017.8410,095.709,406.48
Paid-up Capital 808.61808.61808.61808.61808.61
Revenue 23,802.3025,046.437,745.4015,464.8623,324.86
Net Profit 1,410.531,655.80882.361,608.631,968.37
EPS (Baht) 1.742.051.091.992.43
Financial Ratio
ROA(%) 15.8816.6621.0023.8826.04
ROE(%) 16.4718.6221.1725.4226.96
Net Profit Margin(%) 5.936.8811.5710.548.56

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